Binned & modified products: As these items have been overclocked and modified, the direct manufacturers warranty is void. We do however offer a basic 90 day defective item warranty (from date of purchase), and 90 day bin level guarantee (from date of purchase) on all binned & modified products sold.

Does not cover products put under extreme conditions (high voltages exceeding recommended values, LN2 cooling, etc), or physical damage (bent pins, burnt contact pads, damaged PCB, etc)

All other products: Direct manufacturers warranty only, no warranty implied or otherwise provided through us, only 14 day return policy applies.

Bin Level / Clock-Speed Guarantee

This is not a guarantee of stability in all workloads, or in stress tests of extended lengths.

This product(binned cpu) does assume some knowledge and skill exists as to how to overclock and build a system correctly. It is for folks who understand the risk (and joy) that comes from pushing products to their limits, but are looking for an advantage over the often blind luck gamble of buying a factory sealed product.

These binned product(cpu) are run through a gauntlet of multiple different tests at various levels(voltage) in a controlled and consistent manner. We then bin(sort) the product(cpu) into their bin level groups and (if applicable) sub-groups (grade levels) based on the results of the tests.


CoffeeLake (i7 8700K) - Supported Tests: When used with a motherboard off support list, an AIO 240mm cooler (or better), ambient temp 26c or lower, -2 AVX offset, and voltage level of between 1.35v-1.42v at their bin level, we warrant/guarantee that all product(cpu) within a bin level group will, as a minimum, pass the following tests;

  • P95 26.6 - 1 Hour
  • RealBench 2.4.4 - 1 Hour

CoffeeLake (i7 8700K) - Supported Motherboards: While tuning will be required by the user to achieve best results, and other motherboards may successfully work at bin level, the following boards are what we have qualified the product and will warrant/guarantee work with at bin level.

(Some example tuning examples are included with each purchase.)


Ultimately your(end-user) results may vary depending on quality of other components used in a given build(ram, psu, and motherboard being major ones), the tuning skill of the end-user, results of a d20 roll, and the alignment of moon+sun+stars.