5.2 GHz Intel i7-8700K - Delidded

5.2 GHz Intel i7-8700K - Delidded

Intel - i7 8700K

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Binned 5.2GHz Intel i7-8700K (6 cores/12 threads)

- Binned at voltage between 1.35v <-> 1.42v
- De-lidded & Re-lidded with Liquid Metal TIM (temperature drops of between 5c-20c)
- 90 day warranty and clock-speed guarantee (with supported motherboard, 240mm or better AIO cooler, 26c or cooler ambient - see FAQ for more details)

3 "grades" within each bin level (see FAQ for more details)

  • Epsilon (Best)
  • Theta (Better)
  • Omega (Good)